Company’s profile

Company «Air-Cargo» is an active participant of Russian market of freight forwarding services, carrying out the delivery of international mail and cargo within this country and around the world. Air-Cargo, Ltd. is a partner оf Russian, Kazakhstan, Moldavian postal administrations on the organization of international mail delivery by air transport. We offer our partners a full range of services for the delivery of international mail by means of Russian and Foreign air transport, monitoring of all traffic of mail delivery. Exclusive information system allows our partners to monitor Mail & Cargo delivery on-line. During our work we were able to create an advanced, reliable system of Mail & Cargo delivery by air on international and domestic routes. Aero – Cargo, Ltd. is a partner of all major national carriers: Aeroflot - Russia's Airlines, Transaero Airlines, S7 Airlines,Russia Airlines, etc., that allows us to develop sustainable postal route for long periods. Aero-Cargo, Ltd. is rapidly expanding Aviation Services Provider. The company was formed in 1998 as a Russian forwarding agent to bring a new dimension in serving the Mail & Cargo transportation and the growing demand for Schedule & Non-schedule Cargo transportation. The company has become a large forwarding agent in arrangement Mail & Cargo delivery for a lot of companies within this country and abroad nowadays.

Our company’s results show Aero – Cargo, Ltd. to be one of Russian largest and most steadily developing forwarding company. We have approximately 60 employees in total. Our staff is involved in training programs to ensure top quality service for foreign and domestic partners, according to their requirements and standards. Our operations and management center is located in our Head office in Moscow city. Operations and management center 24 hours performs many duties, such as managing daily tasks, supervision and performance to control our clients’ specific requirements and management of services performed on behalf of our clients.

With our highly experienced staff and the existence of significant worldwide partner network, «Aero-Cargo» can guarantee its clients a smooth transportation any time and place within this country and abroad. The aim of our company is to provide fast and reliable Mail & Cargo delivery. We value our customers and constantly develop new services, studying and forecasting the requests of partners with an emphasis on quality of services. Our company - is a strong team of professionals, working cohesively to ensure the most efficient and reliable Mail & Cargo delivery both in Russia and abroad. Postal transportation - not easy and requires taking into account the smallest details of business. We are aware of it and responsible in their duties. We believe that only the professionalism and individual approach to solving individual problems ensures the success of modern transport companies. Our performance, constantly expanding route network traffic, competitive prices and priority booking on busy cargo areas, as well as our company developed a flexible system of discounts depending on traffic volumes provided that we satisfy the requirements of time. You can be assured that our professionalism, experience and desire to ensure the success of its partners will work for you from the first minute of our cooperation.